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Bathroom Waterproofing without Retiling in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney

Leaking showers can cause problems not just in the shower, but also in the walls, ceilings, and other areas of the bathroom and surrounding rooms. Therefore, when you experience problems, you should be sure to get bathroom waterproofing in Brisbane done to protect your home from any further water damage. Many companies will have to replace all the tiling in your shower or bath in order to seal the area from water, but with Diamond Seal from the Shower Repair Centre, you can get bathroom waterproofing in Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney without having to replace the tiles.

What is Bathroom Waterproofing in Perth?

When a bathroom is first constructed, there will be sealant in place underneath the tiles of the shower or bath to protect the wall and other structural areas from water damage. Water can cause rotting, warping and mould growth, which can cause further damage. Therefore, before the tiling is put in place, there is a waterproof sealant painting onto the area.

When Leaks Appear

Overtime, this bathroom waterproofing in Sydney can begin to break down. Natural shifts in the building due to settling and temperature changes can cause cracks to appear in the sealants. This allows the water to penetrate through the tile and into the wall area. When this happens, you need to replace the sealant. You can do the traditional method, which removes all the tiles and then replaces the sealant, and then puts the tiles back into place. This can be an expensive method that also takes a long time to complete. As a more cost-effective solution that also shortens the amount of time for the repair, you should use the Diamond Seal waterproof system by the Shower Repair Centre.

How Diamond Seal Works

The Diamond Seal bathroom waterproofing method offered in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide by the Shower Repair Centre uses an innovative method with special tools and products that provides a way to replace the waterproof membrane without having to remove the tiles. Their award winning diamond tip drill allows them to prepare the floor and wall junction for the sealant. They will check to see what areas are weak, damaged, or deteriorated due to water penetration. They will also remove any mould and the deteriorated sealant and grout. If necessary, they will regrout the tile area. They also apply SealRight sealant and a hydro barrier sealant to the area to keep it waterproof that stands up to the normal building movement. They also use a hydro barrier sealant.

The Shower Repair Centre's First-rate Bathroom Waterproofing in Melbourne

Customers throughout Australia have utilised the innovative bathroom waterproofing methods from the Shower Repair Centre for over 18 years. Their method reduces the cost of the project, as well as shortens the time it takes to complete it. You will have your shower or bath back before you know it, often within a day. It causes minimal hassle for homeowners and tenants. The company has excellent customer service that has been recognised by strata (SCA).


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